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Hiltunen in Australia

Alexander Hiltunen


Alias Hiltunin     Russian spelling Александр Хилтунен

Born 6.04.1890    Place Vyborg, Finland, now Russia  Ethnic origin Finn    Religion Lutheran

Arrived at Australia

            from       on 15.10.1910     per Sopernik      disembarked at Port Adelaide

Residence before enlistment Port Elliot, Gawler, Freeling, SA

Occupation fireman


service number 652   enlisted 2.09.1914 POE Morphettville, SA

unit 12th Battalion   rank Private

place Gallipoli, 1915      casualties WIA 1915

final fate RTA 7.11.1915       discharged 3.05.1916 MU

Naturalisation 1913

Residence after the war Port Elliot, SA

Died 18.01.1917, Port Elliot

Materials naturalisation (NAA)

digitised service records (NAA)

army pay file (NAA)


From Russian Anzacs in Australian History:

The story of Alexander Hiltunen, a Finnish youth from a well-placed Vyborg family, who arrived as a sailor at Port Adelaide in 1910, must have been typical for many seamen. Hiltunen left his ship and went to Port Elliot, according to his obituary: ‘He was unable to speak the English tongue but by making signs to Mrs Trigg of Cliff House conveyed the fact that he was hungry. He seemed young and fresh and the good lady’s heart went out to him with the result she treated him as a son, teaching him the English tongue and giving him some experience at a trade.’

    The kindly Mrs Trigg brings to mind Basil Greshner’s ‘old lady’ from Winchelsea — there must have been many who, unsung, opened their hearts to these strangers. The effect of such kindness can be far-reaching; when war broke out Hiltunen felt impelled to repay the debt, but his was a short, tragic life [...].


    The very first contingent [...] — this First Fleet of the new Australian nationhood — left Australian waters in early November 1914 with at least 12 Russians: the Finns Baer and Hiltunen, the ethnic Russians Arn, Kamishansky, Sast and Sindeeff, the Polish-born Markowicz and Watson, the Jews Zander and Levene, and the Russian-born Englishmen Ball and Dyson.


http://russiananzacs.narod.ru/Hiltunen.htm (PHOTO)

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