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19 июля 2008 года

Academician of the International Academy of TV and Radio, an observer of "Business Tuesday", соведущий a talk show "Subject conversation with Ivan Kononov" on television channel "Zvezda" ("Star"); was born on February, 11th, 1951; the faculty of journalism of the Moscow State University of M.V.Lomonosova (the international radio branch) with the red diploma, has left school with a gold medal; from 12 years conducted children's programs on radio and TV; from 20 years worked in newspaper staff "Comsomolskaya Pravda", but from 15 years it was regularly published practically in all central newspapers (all about thousand articles, including it it is a lot of - on problems of TV and radio), but most of all in "the Komsomol truth" and "the Literary newspaper" where long years worked both an observer, and the manager, and the editor of departments; conducted also personal headings in the newspaper "Rush hour" and a number of local editions of the country; Fulfilled duties of the editor-in-chief of some newspapers ("Pedagogical Kaleidoscope", "Critical weight" and so forth), own correspondent of some the Russian editions and broadcasting companies on kingdoms Sweden, Norway, Denmark, to republics Finland and Iceland; accepted active participation in work on a multiseries telecycle "Our biography" (1977), received the State award of the USSR; prepared the first, still "before Pozner" space bridges; actively worked with Youth ("Ladder", "12th floor"), and Educational (conducted the cycle from L.Nikitina) editions of the Central TV, co-operated with "Blue spark", "Make a step" and other programs of the "ViD"; a member of the Union of journalists of the USSR (since 1976) ; The winner of the award of the Moscow organisation of the Union of journalists of the USSR, the winner of all-Union competition for the best journalistic work "Lowest passing score", is awarded by medals, reading and writing, diplomas and so forth; has published some books for Russian and foreign (English, French, German, Czech, Hungarian, Laotian and so forth). The reader in the general circulation about 1,5 million copies; conducted on the air the program "Vremechko", did on АТВ the program "Fairy tales of the uncle Hil" for TVC, repeatedly acted in "Press club" on RTR, "the Third eye", in set of others television and radio programs; was the leader of a morning information aether "Darjal-TV"; the author of several documentary films (studio "Lennauchfilm"); was the dean of the biggest (6 000 students) distant journalism faculty - ROU; studied, taught and carried out various educational and humanitarian projects abroad - World spiritual academy Landegg (Switzerland), Institute Europe (Greece), Center Robert Schuman (Luxembourg), New Ark(EuroParliament), the Youthful United Nations (Netherlands), Auroville and University of J.Nehru (India), Findhorn (Scotland), Damanhur (Italy), the Global ecovillages network (Denmark, Italy) etc.; Now in start some teleprojects (in Russia - four), basically, concerning Russian-speaking diaspora, "Russian trace" in culture of the different countries and, accordingly, to "traces" of the different people in culture and history of Russia; is the vice-president of the Press club "the Sixth floor", uniting in the numbers "gold feathers" of "Comsomolskaya Pravda" - newspapers, and remained in the book of records Guinness as the greatest on a planet; now - the representative "Hiltunen OY-Shengen" in the CIS, Shengen; has four children (live in Scandinavia, in the homeland of ancestors where family clan Hiltunen conducts a family tree since autumn of 1526, from the reading and writing of king Gustav I Vaza granting to their general ancestor and all its successors the right not to pay taxes in the Swedish treasury, in a clan now more than 11 thousand the persons disseminated on 17 countries of the world).

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