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New Year celebrations in different regions of Finland/ New Year/ Christmas traditions
Christmas traditions are quite similar in whole Finland. I collected you some links where you can find most famous traditions for Finnish Christmas.




-links for Tradition Finnish Christmas are lots of, but I picked three of best ones in my point of view. When you search the information you will notice how similar traditions are despite of resource.

-Most important Christmas traditions are Christmas food, family, Christmas tree, Santa Claus and presents, Christmas church or mass, bring candles to graveyard, Sata Lucia and Christmas Sauna.

-Some towns in Finland stands out from the others during the winter time, for example Turku is official Finnish Christmas City. There are lots of events and happenings which are unique from the others. Information you may find from official website of Christmas City.


Here are couple more interesting links about Santa Claus



In Finland New Year is not so big event than Christmas. Usually towns have organized fireworks, which families go to watch together. Some traditions we have like casting of tin and divination.




And really important for Finnish people is New Year Speech by President of the Republic Tarja Halonen


Mountain Skiing for beginners/children in Finland

From the websites http://www.ski.fi/home  you will find lots of information about skiing schools in Finland. For the beginners is very popular Werneri Ski School, which is in thirty Finnish ski resorts. Werneri school is free for children.

In every skiing centres you can find ski schools for beginners, it can be private teaching which centres offers or bigger ski schools. Best way to find information is Google Finnish ski centers, pick one of their websites and check the offers for teaching and lessons. Degree of difficulty depens on provider.

For example


Mountain Skiing for advanced skiers
Finnish Ski centers give lots of challenge also for advanced skiers. In this case degree of difficulty depens for provider. Here are couple of links you may be interested:




Other sports activities

You can find lots of information from our websites in English or in Russian. There is introduced all the main Finnish Winter Activities.

Go to:  Things To Do  and click Winter Activities


Also some other specialities:

-Sled Hill

-Ice Rally

-Ice Karting

-Telemark Skiing

-Jäänmurtaja Sampo / Sampo Artic Ice Breaker


Snow Castle in Kemi


-Lainion Lumikylä/ Snow Village in Lainio


-Kemi Gemstone Gallery


-Ice Fishing Competition


-Igloo Nights in Harriniva


-Sauna Gondola in Ylläs



Palju (like in English jacuzzy but in Finland we use those in winter)

-many hotels or tourist centers offer amazing experienze with outdoor Paljus( also knowed in Finnish ‘kylpytynnyri’).


I recommed you visit this website www.laplandfinland.fi, where you may find lots of information what to do, see and experience in Lapland.

Winter Fishing in Nuorgam/Hunting-, Walding-and Fishing Experiences


New Year packages from hotels
Specially in Lapland there are many hotels offering great packages for New Year. Everything what you ever want is possible and many cases you can even combine your own New Year package with those features you like the most. 

Best way to find information about packages is to contact hotels itself. Here are biggest hotel chains in Finland.



www.scandic-hotels.fi    also  www.hilton.fi



Winter Festivals/ Cultural events


-under this link you may find lots of festivals around the whole year in Finland, information also in English and in Russian


-you can find lots of information from different events also from our websites, information is in English or in Russian

Here are also some events during the winter period in Finland, more information of these events or festivals you will find from links. 

-Artic Hot-Air Balloon Adventure in Levi


 -Wolrd Cup Levi


-Kuopio Kidefestivaalit                      


-Kokkola Winter Accordion Festival   



-Avantouimakisa 25m Kokkola / Outdoor-Swimming Competition/ Купание в проруби

-Nordic Opening in Ruka


Finland Ice Marathon 2010



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