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Всестранник. Финляндия. Ливонсаари.

http://www.yhteisokyla.net/introduction-in-english.html Kirjoitti Simo, 16.01.2009 Livonsaari community is an ecovillage under construction located in the south-west Finland, about 35 kilometers from the city of Turku (map link). Currently ten adults and seven children live in the community, and in addition there are some ten active members of the community who plan to move to Livonsaari in the near future. The land we live on is about 60 hectares large, some of it being fields and some rocky woods. Livonsaari is an island, so naturally we have access to the sea. There are two buildings to live in, and three others are currently being built. A total of 20 houses can be built on this land. Our aim is to try out and develop ecological construction methods, such as log, straw bale and clay houses. There's a slide show of Livonsaari photos on the Kuvia Livonsaaresta -page. We, the community members, come from different backgrounds, while sharing a common interest in creating a more sustainable way of living close to the nature. As usual in communities, we have a great variety of skills and talents, and some of us work on academic field as researchers, some on IT, agriculture, building and on naturopathy. Livonsaari community is politically and religiously independent. If you want to know more, you can contact us by sending email at info (at) yhteisokyla.net Edellinen: Osakkeet Seuraava: Eine kleine Vorstellung auf Deutsch Tämän osion muut sivut * o Ihmiset o Kuvia o Usein kysyttyä o Dokumenttifilmi o Rakenteilla o Yhteisökylän asukkaaksi o Osakkeet o In English o Auf Deutsch Kaikkia oikeuksia ei pidätetä :: Livonsaaren yhteisökylä Oy

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