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Всестранник. Финляндия. Кеуруу

http://www.keuruunekokyla.fi/en/index.html Ylälogo Keuruu Ecovillage - the concept Keuruu Ecovillage is an intentional community located in the heart of Finland. It was founded by the group of eco-spirited people in 1997. The purpose of Keuruu Ecovillage is to pursue a sustainable lifestyle. Currently we have 25 people, adults and children, living here. We are connected by the will to live in harmony with the nature and ourselves. Ecovillage consists of 52 hectares of land of which 22 are biologically cultivated and the rest is naturally preserved forest. We renovate and maintain culture historically valuable buildings and sites - of which we can enjoy daily. We also organize courses, work camps and recreation occasions. Keuruu Ecovillage is a full member of GEN-Europe and GEN-Finland and a member of Finnish Eco-Agrotourism Association ECEAT Finland. Ilmakuva Our aims are: - To increase the skills of living in harmony with each other and the nature - To be self-sufficient in terms of food care and energy - To support and develop natural forestry, ecological building and permaculture - To utilize and explore sustainable energy forms (wood, solar, wind) and recycling - To reduce waste production and the consumption of materials and energy - To support various artistic and spiritual activities within the community - To preserve the nature and the traditional Finnish landscape In the end we hope to be a human settlement which is ecologically, economically, culturally and spiritually sustainable. Finnish * The concept * People * Ecological agriculture * Buildings * Accommodation * Welcome! * Happenings * Voluntary work Keuruun Ekokylä Kivijärventie 300 42700 Keuruu + 358 14 736 573 + 358 50 435 1250 info(at)keuruunekokyla.fi E-mail Last Update 2.1.2009 How to travel to Keuruu Ecovillage Takomo Takomo

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